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Giu 26

Jered Rutan

Jered Rutan Portrait 6 18 19Digital painting

Giu 24

Jered Rutan

Jered Rutan Portrait 6 16 19Digital paintingTy as always!

Mag 22

560. Patrizia Melonari


Mag 14

Jered Rutan

Jered Rutan Soft Portrait 5 13 19Digital paintingTy as always & enjoy life!

Mag 13

Patrizia Melonari

Patrizia Melonari1 “Maternity”Digital Art

Apr 16

553. Diana Coatu

OPERE BIOGRAFIA Diana Coatu :I Am A Digital Artist Based In Sibiu, Romania. I Had Been A Practicing Pediatrician For The Last 26 Years Before Discovering My Artistic Side, That Flourished Four Years Ago (2015) When I Discovered My Passion For Digital Art. After Joining Multiple Art Groups I Have Started Experimenting With Different Techniques, …

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