511. Felipe De Vicente

Felipe De Vicente



Felipe De Vicente is an abstract artist from Brazil. His artworks range from the lyrical abstractionism, through geometric abstraction, reaching the abstract expressionism. Born in 1988, in São Paulo state of Brazil. Since earlier in life, he have showed big interest to the world of arts. Fine arts, music, theater, cinema, photography, dance, literature, digital art have always been his greatest passions. In 2006, he was accepted in the Paulista State University (UNESP), where he took the first year of the course of Philosophy. After this, he intensely dedicates himself to the world of the arts, especially the plastic arts. In 2016, he was accepted in the University of Franca (UNIFRAN), where he is currently taking visual arts course.



Phone: +55 16 9621-6545

E-mail: felipedevicente88@hotmail.com

Site: http://felipedevicente.tumblr.com  

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