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Fatherd  by a lawyer /journalist/politician of the first republic ,  Late Mr Ganiyu Makanjuola Akande and a military personee mother  ,late Major Mrs Monisola Adedeji (N1962).   My parents had a first hand knowledge of my talent in arts and they jointly assisted me, in growing my talent.  I had my first gallery in the year 1982 , a stone throw from where Artgbegis gallery is located at the moment.
Africa rich culture, heritage ,diverse ethnicity and behavioural patterns, has been a source of fascination to me because of its originality, beauty  ,splendour and the pride that goes with it. Over the three decades , I have painstakingly studied and produced hundreds of paintings in oil , to serve as a bridge to knowledge between the people of Africa in time past ,to the present and the world at large.
With over three and a half decades (35 years) of painting oil on canvas, I have worked with international and local artist,art  critics,curators, art valuers,gallerist and art collectors in diverse endeavours.  Within the last 12 months , I  have collaborated with Dr Elizabetta vanuzzi and participated at the le  mille facce Della Africa exhibition at the Pinnaros art space in Florence Italy. Mrs Tina Masoero from the salar mattise  gallery in Torino invited me and I paticipated in 2 exhibitions at the salary mattise,the salary mattise gallery Torino house few of my oil on canvas works. Mrs Tuba Aydin  of Elle arts istanbul  Turkey  an art curator and critic, organised the Anatolia from the Savannah exhibition 2014,in Istanbul, Elaziq and Antalya Turkey.The Italian consular, Stephanie de  Leo commissioned me to  work on the italian /nigeria art collaboration  program from 2013 december, am collaborating with  Gio Antochi from Ragusa Sicily ltaly and other seasoned art from italy.Am collaboraring with Ms Elizabeth Alero Dudley of BNeT events London at the moment,Am collaborating with Francesca Mezzatesta , easoned art critic and presenter from Palermo Italy for on coming exhibitions Collaborating with royal starlight UK on solo exhibitions for 2015 summer. Collaborating with Ms Ola Mustapha of African Fare UK on joint exhibitions  and others projects for 2015
Am presently working with Francesco Russo saviero and Salvatorie Russo  on the grand universal exposition 2014 at effiel tower paris
Am a member to over 90 modern day contemporary art groups  across the world and I jointly administer 3 with Mark Valentino  of burnley UK, namely, Images if life , As mad as you like and Images of life by Mark Valentino
On the home front, I have collaborated with numerous institutions, corporations, foundations,Media houses, TV stations and non government organisations on various projects in arts and culture and art workshops.I wish to mention a few, Cocoa research institute Ibadan Nigeria, institute of tropical agriculture Ibadan Nigeria, Nigeria export promotion council Abuja Nigeria,African Renaissance foundation Abuja Nigeria , The Heritage museum Badagry  Nigeria, The National museum Ibadan Nigeria ,The National dailies Nigeria, the Nigerian tribune , the National television authority Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, and a host of others.
On the home front I have my paintings with the likes of prof Adewole, prof olumide Tewe, prof femi ogunbiyi, prof ilesanmi, Dr Dongo, prof Lawal,chief justice ilori, chief justice Mrs Akande, chief s.p.a Ajibade ,Sterling bank Ibadan and other collectors that appreciates my works.During my tenure as the institution artist to cocoa research institute Ibadan , my paintings has been given as parting gifts to various government ministers ,secretary generals and other August visitors
My annual children art talent search co sponsored  by MTN and Sterling  bank Nigeria , comes up every July at my gallery, where  I tend to catch the young child artists for further development.this program I have imbibed into the life care community foundation ( an NGO )program
Olugbenga was once an entrepreneur of the week with splash FM Ibadan Nigeria, where I later introduced a phone in art competition anchored by Ronke giwa , where one of my paintings is won on a monthly basis
I have featured on the weekly NTA art program visual impressions courtesy of Nta Ibadan , whom has given periodic support to my art programs around the south west
In the past I ve   had media interviews with mary ekah from this day newspapers, wale Ojo Lanre from tribune newspapers, the editor of national dailies,Alex onome egborge from the Paparazi  and some e magazines , all bothered on my sojourn in arts and my art program both at home and abroad
Am presently working on my project , Africa Our culture art in totality by which means I want to take African art to the door step of the civilised world and thereby changing their orientation on African art as a tribal art but as a  basin of modern contemporary art
I enjoy painting oil on canvas and I like to paint and paint and paint again, I enjoy working with children and getting the ultimate child artist from my numerous children talent search. I also enjoy reading African history.
Olugbenga  Akande is a self thought artist
Ladies and Gentlemen you are welcome to my world.


Telephone: +2348073271413
Email:  artgbegi@yahoo.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thegalleryofartgbegi

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