258. Amélia Henriques




Name: Amélia Henriques

Artistic name: Delilah`S/

Nationality: Portuguese.

Place of birth: Espinho, Portugal.


  • Begins to materialize a deferred dream, doing various trainings in fine arts and crafts in ceramics, glass, tin, tiling, among others. Receives private lessons of Cândido Coutinho (professor of fine arts) and is sponsored by José Rodrigues (sculptor) and José Emídio, joining Árvore collective.


  • Performs his first solo exhibition: Mozelos, Stª Maria da Feira.
  • Exposes in S. João da Madeira, Viana do Castelo, Espinho, among other places.
  • Takes part in various craft fairs, from Coimbra to Valencia, where she exhibited her works in ceramics, glass, jewellery and religious art.


  • Interrupts her artistic journey for personal reasons.


  • Begins her works in jewellery. Gives workshops and training to adults, participates in numerous craft fairs, delivering an unusual style in terms of abstract pieces, unique and innovative.
  • Is selected by eight designers from New York by her work in high level jewellery.
  • Takes part in the exhibition of the “Association of friendship and Galician-Portuguese Arts” in Figueira da Foz in November 2013.
  • Participates in the exhibition “Together for art” in Santiago de Compostela.
  • Joins the exhibition “Walk with us” in Figueira da Foz’s Library.
  • Takes part in the exhibition “The woman and the sea”.
  • Participates in the exhibition, in the House of Paço, with artists from Norway and Brazil.
  • Has already several exhibitions scheduled for the end of 2014.


E-mail: lias.art@hotmail.com


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