568. Raffaele Coletta



Raffaele is an artist based in London. Raffaele has shown drawing ability ever since he was a child, his main passion is painting. He paints mainly figurative and surrealist art.
Influenced by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Merisi better known as Caravaggio, Salvator Dali’, Magritte and other artists of the Barocco and Surrealism periods. Raffaele likes to explore many other artistic fields such as illustrations, comics, storyboards, web and graphic design, animation and photography.

Raffaele graduated from high school, majoring in scientific studies, and at the same time he studied theory of light and shades, anatomy, perspective, theory of colours. Subsequently he has studied Illustrations, Comics and Storyboards in Rome at the “SRF”. He holds an HND in Graphic Design at City and Islington College and a BA (hons) in Fine Art at London South Bank University. He works in different medium such as pencils, oil colours, acrylics, water colours and digital applications.


email: rafcoletta@gmail.com

sito: www.raffaelecoletta.com

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