Gianfranco Aurilio Gianfranco Aurilio and the Hyporealism

Gianfranco Aurilio and the Hyporealism

After a long and useless research to find a definition suitable for the most part of my works of art, on the 3rd april 2013, I felt the need to use the word “Hyporealism”.
In the hyporealistic art the reality is presented with accuracy, even if not with the same meticulosity of Hyperrealism, together with one or more elements which alter the perception of it.
Who is watching must have the clear sensation that the subject of the work of art, even if it is close to reality, is unreal.
This can be obtained with any means which serve this purpose, as, for instance, the use of colour as a secondary element in a white and black work of art or vice versa or with the use of abstract or indefinite objects or figures.


The title of the drawing is “At dawn of Hyporealism”

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