~ de Lacy ~ (Abstract Artist) (Autism) ‘Inside Out’

(Autism) ‘Inside Out’
‘Inside Out’  (Autism) Ref:  211 I promised my son I would do a portrait of him. This was based on one of my favourite photographs of Ryan from 3 years ago when we had given up the traumatic visit to the hairdresser’s and just let him grow…

his hair. I tried to show how others see him – a plain ordinary child on the outside, and how he actually is – a complicted, clever, colourful and sometimes confussed/stressed on the inside. Ryan has Higher Functioning Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia and a squint (his right eye is turned out)… and he is perfect in every way inside and out. Artist: Fiona de Lacy www.fdelacydesigns.com

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